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Snapshot on Karen Totino

Monticello Real Estate is thrilled to welcome Karen Totino as a Licensed Real Estate Person to the team. Karen  graduated from Russell Sage College with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy in 1998 and spent ten years helping individuals maximize their potential and function.  In 2009, she opened Green Conscience Home, a retail showroom that features sustainable and non-toxic interior finishes and home products, with the belief that our homes impact our health and well-being – not only physically, but financially, mentally and spiritually as well.  She has developed expertise in building science, high-performance homes, home remodeling, and full-scale renovations.

I recently sat down with Karen to get to know her a little bit better.

What do you cook better than anyone else?
My husband does most of the cooking so I don’t do have a ton of great recipes since he is the cook. I learned most of my cooking from him and he used to be a chef. I do enjoy making my own yogurt and granola though and people love my granola. I caramelize the pecans and I put big coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds in it. Actually, now that I think about it  – it is mostly nuts and seeds and not a ton of granola. But – people still love it!

If you could choose your forever age – what would it be?
I would say 42. When you hit your 40’s you are comfortable with yourself but you are still healthy and young enough to do what you want to do.

What’s your best secret to get you through a Monday?
Mondays actually don’t bother me. But having a good morning routine that prepares you for the day is important. I am an early riser and I get up and drink a bunch of water and then I meditate for about 5 minutes and do an intention for the day and then I have my coffee. I like getting up early and having a non-jammed morning. I also work out in the morning and that sets the tone for the day.

If money wasn’t an issue – what skill or hobby would you like to learn?
When I was in my late 30’s – I decided to take up dirt biking. If I could – I would move to California and own a bunch of dirt bikes and ride them all over.

What is the weirdest thing in your purse?
I hate carrying purses. I try not to carry a purse and most things are in my pocket. But I like to use essential oils so I have random oils that I have on me most of the time.

What is the happiest day of your life?
I try to find happiness everyday in small things instead of waiting for a big occasion. Just doing something I love makes me happy – like playing tennis, or walking my dog. It’s important to have moments throughout the day that make you happy and find those moments and be grateful.