#SmallBiz518 | VIDEO SERIES

Telling the story of the Capital District!

Watch this video to learn what #SmallBiz518 is all about!

Since 2018, Monticello Real Estate has partnered with local business owners and non-profit organizations for our #SmallBiz518 video series! The goal of this series is to illustrate what makes our local 518 community so great by showcasing the hardworking small businesses and organizations that keep us thriving!

Our series has reached nearly 1 million people across our social media platforms through the stories of over 160 local businesses and not-for-profits in the 518 area.

As a real estate company, we’re looking to highlight the Smallbiz impact on the capital region and what makes our community such a great place to live, work, and play. SmallBiz518 is a 100% local initiative. Monticello’s team of marketing experts produces the video at no cost to the business. We’re only looking for other small businesses to share the content on social media and help us tell the story of the Capital Region.

As we grow this series we hope to keep adding more amazing local businesses and truly tell the story of why the Capital District is an amazing place to live!

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Here are a few of our favorite videos: