Often, simple aesthetic adjustments can enhance your home’s showing potential. Especially in the current buyer’s market, your future buyer will judge your property against dozens of competing homes.  It is worth taking the extra time and energy to ensure you are showing the best side of your home.

To get a free home value estimate, check out our online valuation. But remember, it’s just a rough estimate. For a comprehensive market analysis give us a call.

Organize and downsize: Putting your house on the market is the perfect time to organize your cabinets and closets, and get rid of the clutter. Less is more, organizing and downsizing will make your home feel larger and brighter. If you have items that you are not ready to part with but may not immediately need, box them up and place in storage. Removing half of your closet items, will make your closet feel larger.

Repairs: Buyers can tell the level of care and attention you have provided for your home based upon its current condition. If repairs are needed, make sure to finish them before your showing. Buyers do not want to be hassled with repairs anymore than you do. The easier and simpler it is for the buyer the more likely your home will sell.

Clean: A clean house is always much more inviting. If you have pets, make sure to air out the house or use candles to freshen up the interior.

Day of showing: Place fresh flowers or fruit in your home, open all the drapes and blinds, turn on all the lights, make the beds, put all clothes away, clean off all of the tables, dressers, desks, turn off the televisions, and make sure the kitchen and baths sparkle.

Reminder: Your buyer will feel much more comfortable and relaxed if you are not home. Monticello will follow up with the buyer’s agent after every showing to get feedback, but it is always best to give your buyer the space and privacy during the showing.