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World’s Greatest Eggnog

Associate Broker, Monticello Licensed Real Estate BrokerIt’s that time of the year… Time for Eggnog! Who doesn’t love the creamy, tasty drink that is perfect around the holidays? This recipe comes from Christian Malanga, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. He claims he is not much of a cook – but even he can handle this recipe.


4 cups of Bourbon
2 1/4 cups of sugar
12 large egg yolks
8 cups of whipping cream

Pour bourbon into large mixing bowl. Stir in sugar and let sit overnight. Beat the egg yolks until they are an ugly yellow color. Fold them into bourbon and sugar mixture. Let sit for two hours. Whip the cream until very stiff and fold in the bourbon and egg mixture. Let sit for 1 hour. Mixture can be cut in half. Serve in cups. Serves 20-30 people. Enjoy!