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Monticello, L.R.E.B. Doubles in Size, Sales, and Traffic

Associate Broker, Monticello Licensed Real Estate BrokerIt’s with great pleasure that I welcome our latest Associate Broker to the firm, Christian Malanga, Esq. I’ve known Christian for many years, he’s a diligent and talented attorney. When he approached me about joining Monticello, I could not have been more excited about the opportunity.

Monticello has doubled the size of the firm in 2012, but that’s not all. We’ve doubled our online traffic in the last four months – quadrupled our traffic in the last 8 months. We had over 10,000 page views on the website in October alone. Even when the natural real estate cycle slows down in the fall and winter months, we’ve been able to maintain steady and reliable  online and client growth. Monticello is on track to more than double our business in 2012 as compared to 2011, and we are projecting to double our business in 2013.

Prior to joining Monticello as an Associate Broker, Christian and I had many discussions about our approach to selling real estate and our business philosophy. Here is what we agree on. Selling real estate, whether it’s your home or investment, is not like selling a cellphone or even a car. Buying and selling houses is one of the most significant investments our clients will ever make. Even if our clients could be persuaded, we don’t believe anyone should be pushed into buying or selling a house. It’s potentially harmful to our clients’ interests, not to mention bad for our business and the larger housing market.

Moreover, we take our role as stewards of the economy seriously. We’ve lived through one of the worst housing busts in generations, caused in part by dishonest market actors. At Monticello, we are committed to ensuring our clients are making sound financial investments and building a honest Capital Region real estate market.

At Monticello, we believe forcing a sale for a client who might later have regrets is far worse than losing the sale and retaining the client’s satisfaction. We’re taking the long view, albeit a bit slower route, to building Monticello. We want every client to fully appreciate the loyalty, dedication, and personal attention we provide. We want every client to be so satisfied with our services, 6, 12, 24 months after closing our clients will still be enthusiastic and satisfied. If our clients don’t feel comfortable enough to zealously recommend us to their friends and family after working with Monticello, we’ve failed in providing the highest standard of service.

Monticello looks forward to the coming year, and working with many new satisfied clients over the coming months. Please join me in welcoming Christian to the firm. Like this post below and retweet to show your support.

For Christian’s full biography and list of credentials visit the Brokers page.