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Small Biz 518 – Mocha Lisa

Monticello Real Estate recently sat down with Kari Cook – the owner of Mocha Lisa’s Caffe.

Located on the exterior of Clifton Park Center Mall, near Loft and Marshall’s, Mocha Lisa offers delicious espresso drinks, premium teas, fruit smoothies, homemade baked goods, paninis, wraps, and much more! They even serve beer and wine and have music and open mic nights.

You can watch the video to learn more about the restaurant.

Kari explains that during the day it’s mostly business people and there are many meeting that happen in the restaurant. She says, “So many people approach me and tell me that they think of this location as their office. That’s a huge¬† compliment that they want to bring clients here. Clearly we want to support local and it’s peace of mind that my staff is doing a great job when I am not here.”

Kari expanded her menu when she bought a convection oven. She prefers a natural and homemade approach to her food, and it became easier to do that after she bought the oven.

Some of the things that make Mocha Lisa’s Caffe unique is the meeting space, live entertainment at night, and the fact that they serve alcohol. Kari explains, “No one else has a meeting space like me, no one else has live entertainment at night, or alcohol as an option. Even though it has been 2 years since we have offered wine and beer, the average customer isn’t even aware that we offer it!”

Kari has a few goals for the upcoming year. She would like to expand the night demographic. Currently they have entertainment, trivia and open mic nights and local artists who come and entertain.

For more information, click here.