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In Touch with Agent Christina Hirazumi

It’s important to learn more about our agents on a more personal level. I recently sat down with Christina Hirazumi and learned a lot more about her.

Where is your favorite place you have ever traveled?

76E807F5-528A-4C31-A99E-9D366B164F8ELast year I went on a family trip with my husband and three children to Hawaii. We dared to take a 2, 5, and 7 year old on a 14 hour flight and it went surprisingly well.  My husband has family on the island of Oahu so we were fortunate to stay with them. My husband lived out there for many years and knew all the great spots to eat and swim.  It wasn’t just the beautiful places we saw that I enjoyed, but the love we received from our family and friends that made the trip so special.

Are you a dog person or cat person?

9CECD008-20EE-48B4-9B37-836BE1E13FF0I used to have cats when I was younger, then I went a long time when I moved away from home with no animals. I became anti-animals!!! Really, I didn’t want cat hair on everything I owned. Eventually I moved in with my husband who has a golden retriever and I got a cockapoo, which I love so dearly. I’m now a cockapoo person.

What is the worst job you have ever had?

I worked for hardware store when I was younger on Central Ave in Albany. Interesting characters came through that place. I was happy to move on.

Do you prefer sweet or salty?

Why choose when you can have both…..caramel covered in chocolate with sea salt.

What music band defines your life?

What a serious question! At this point in my mom life I have to say it would be Jim Breuer and the Loud and Rowdy.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs.

Mountains or ocean?

IMG_1576I would hike a mountain any day. I was fortunate to hike Yosemite last month and that was an amazing experience. Thankfully I don’t have to travel far to hike. The Adirondacks are just a short drive from me. It always gets me cleared and grounded when I take time out to hike. Now, if you ever see me in water that is above 4’5” please swim out and save me, I’m drowning. Seriously it’s so bad that my golden retriever felt sorry for me and jumped out to give me a swim lesson.

What would your super power be and why?

Teleportation! Want to go to Italy…BAM, I’m there. Australia? No 22 hour flight for me. My child is having a meltdown in the store, see ya.

What’s your favorite time of the day and why?

10421546_10100165828472309_4809707734066935951_nThe hour after I put my children to bed because after the boomerang sisters finally settle and sleep I get time to myself.



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