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When Buying or Selling Your Home, What’s Included?

As houses get “smarter,” complicated questions can arise for homeowners. If you home is outfitted with higher-end appliances like Nest Thermostats, Bose Speaker systems, security cameras, and the like, whether buying or selling, what precisely is included in the transaction? We have a few guidelines to prevent complications at closing time.

In this short, informative video, Alexander Monticello recommends erring on the side of disclosure. If you have items affixed to your ceilings, walls, or doors that you want excluded from the sale, write them into your contract. Better yet, if possible, remove those items from the home before showing the home to a single prospective buyer. Erring on the side of being forthcoming will help you avoid tension or complications at the walk-through, or worse,the closing. At times it’s also appropriate as a buyer to insist that items that are not affixed be removed from the home. A seller may believe it’s an act of generosity to leave behind a couch for the buyer’s use, but it will seem less generous when you need a Sawzall to remove it!

For more information about these ethical and contractual considerations and illustrative real-life example see below.