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Outside the Pack

Here is a nice cover story from the Sunday Times Union about our independent boutique real estate brokerage.

“If you’re a buyer, it doesn’t matter where the agent works, you just want someone who is honest, reliable, provides good customer service and understands how homes are built. Agents are part therapist, psychologist, family planner. It doesn’t matter who you work with, small or large and international. But if you are looking to sell a home, you’re looking for an online marketer. That is how homes are sold in 2015, and how the agent markets the listing online is what matters, period.”

Monticello, 36, who also has a law degree, builds personalized websites for his listings and hires a professional photographer. Being independent allows him to be more nimble and flexible, he said. It has allowed him to do pro bono work and commission TV ads without asking for permission from a corporate office. Growth, Monticello said, is the proof of his success. Over the last year, he hired four Realtors. In 2014, his company did nearly $12 million in sales; he expects to close out 2015 with more than $18 million, with 80 homes sold.

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Here is a link to the full article.