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The Big News? We’re Growing

It’s official, we’re growing and we’re proud to announce our latest partnership with Danielle Bellanti. Since this company was founded, we’ve taken a very controlled and intentional growth approach. We have been more concerned with quality, not quantity – providing sophisticated and superior service for our clients. As we expand, we’ve been careful to never lose sight of our core mission. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to partner with other realtors, but declined when those partnerships were not the right fit. Today, we’re proud to announce we’re building on the example Christian, Yaz, an I have worked hard to establish. We’re taking Monticello to the next level and expanding our reach.

Danielle Bellanti Business Card

Danielle is a licensed real estate agent from Clifton Park and has grown up in the Capital Region. Danielle brings her talented marketing experience to the world of real estate. More importantly, Danielle shares in our mission of providing honest advice, tailored to each client’s needs, and always focusing on the client not the transaction.  At Monticello we’re not about volume, we’re about client satisfaction. We’re confident whether you’re selling your existing home or buying a new home, you’ll get the same quality and level service from Danielle that you’ve been able to count on from Monticello.

Please join me in welcoming Danielle to our team.


Alexander Monticello