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Does It Matter Where You Get Your Mortgage

If you’re buying a home, it’s important to note not all banks are created equal. More importantly based on your specific needs and situation, certain banks or brokers may have better products than others. If you’re a medical resident coming to Albany Medical College, there’s a specific bank that has a mortgage for you. If you’re a recent doctor who’s finished your residency, there is a bank for you. If you are putting more than 10% down and have stellar credit, there’s a bank for you. If your credit is below 640 or maybe you have some credit challenges, there may be a mortgage broker for you.

We have done over 100 deals in the last few years, and we’ve had the opportunity to work with several different banks. Our goal is to make sure before we begin looking at homes, our clients clearly understand the financial picture and the mortgage process. In addition, our goal is to match our clients with the mortgage product that best fits their needs. Monticello does not have, nor ever will, any financial relationship with any bank, mortgage broker broker, or lending institution. However, we do have a vested interest in making sure our homebuyers get the best possible service and the best product to meet their needs (check out our google reviews here). It’s important to us to have the most assurance the sale will go through and our clients will be satisfied. Here are a few tips if you’re pre-qualifying for a mortgage or thinking about buying a home in the Capital Region.