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NYS STAR Tax Rebate Re-Certification

As you may have heard, due to recently discovered abuses of the NYS STAR Property Tax Rebate program the State is requiring all eligible participants to re-certify. This recertification process has not yet been established, but all current STAR enrollees should receive a notice from the State.

Here is the update from the Great Capital Association of Realtors:

STAR RECERTIFICATION: To ensure that the STAR program is being properly administered, the 2013-14 NYS budget provides that everyone will have to re-certify/reapply to continue receiving the benefit. This recertification must take place by April 1, 2014. The 2013 benefits will not be affected. NYS will be sending everyone currently enrolled complete information on how to proceed. As of now there is no form to use for recertification nor is there a date at which time you may file the recertification. But be aware this will be taking place.