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New Year, New Real Estate Resolution

Do you like kale? Do you at least like to grow kale? Well Monticello likes to eat and grow kale too, and that’s why we’re launching the 2013 Capital District Community Gardens Initiative. Running a business cannot merely be about maximizing profit or extracting shareholder value at all costs. Building a business is as much about making a living as it is making a positive contribution to our community.

Capital District Community GardensWe pride ourselves on being locally and independently owned. Representing buyers and sellers is more than just a financial transaction, in the aggregate it’s about building strong and healthy communities. We saw not too long ago how rigging an economy on tenuous real estate transactions can have far reaching economic and social impacts – locally and globally. As realtors, we are stewards of our economies and neighborhoods. This is why Monticello has launched the 2013 Capital District Community Gardens Initiative.

For every new client who completes a transaction with Monticello in 2013, who is either a supporter or gardener of Capital District Community Gardens “CDCG,” Monticello will donate 10% of our total earned commission on that transaction back to CDCG. CDCG has been revitalizing and nourishing our Capital Region communities for decades by creating community gardens – teaching residents how to garden and empowering families to grow local, organic produce. Community gardens are vitally important to our Capital Region, improving public health and providing recreational space. Community gardens enhance property values, often converting unused or abandon lots into clean, green, and productive plots of land.  I’m proud to call myself a CDCG gardener, having gardened in a CDCG plot for the last four years in Albany. In fact, the photo below is from our garden.

CDCG Garden Photo

Monticello’s CDCG Garden Plot

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home in 2013, to hire a honest realtor with a deep commitment to building a stronger and healthier Capital Region, and to make your transaction have a broader and bigger impact in the community, let’s work together in 2013 to support CDCG. I welcome any questions, please email me at Alex@MonticelloNYS.com with CDCG in the subject line.

Like this post and share it with your friends to show your support. May you have a happy and healthy new year.