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Albany Parking Permit Application & Details

Update: According to the legislation’s sponsor, Councilman Richard Conti, the permit system will be implemented on Tuesday January 15, 2013.

Below are the details and the parking permit application, which can be downloaded.

I spotted these partially covered signs on Willett Street on November 30th in Center Square Albany. The signs are the official residential  parking permit signs that will be going up around downtown Albany. Most of the signs are still covered, but more and more curious residents are voluntarily unveiling the signs.

As I noted several weeks ago, the residential permit implementation date has been pushed back. However, with the advent of these official signs the launch seems imminent. The signs read: 2 Hour Parking, 8AM to 6PM Monday thru Friday. Residents With Permit Exempt.

I recently got my permit at City Hall. The process was relatively painless and took all of about 10 minutes. The cost was $25 for the permit pass, and it includes 1 free vistor pass. You’ll need to bring two forms of ID, along with your vehicle registration, license, and an application.

Once you get your permit, you need to install it on the rear driver side window.

Below is a copy of the application, which you can download.

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