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UPDATE: Albany Parking Permit Pushed Back to December

UPDATE 2: The city is now accepting applications and parking permit signs have been spotted in Center Square, more details and download your application here. The permit system will officially be implemented on Tuesday, January 15, 2013.

UPDATE: The Parking Permit program has now been pushed back until December of this year. Here is the latest from the Albany Times Union.

The City Clerk’s Office will hold special hours between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for residents of the Mansion, Pastures and Ten Broeck Triangle neighborhoods to apply for and purchase their $25 permits, which will allow them to park all day on residential streets in those neighborhoods once the permit system goes into effect later this year.

The Mansion, Pastures and Ten Broeck Triangle neighborhoods — known under the law as Zones B and C — account for only about 25 percent of the 2,750 parking spaces near Empire State Plaza that will be covered by the system.

Residents of the much larger Zone A — sections of the Center Square, Washington Park, Hudson/Park and Park South neighborhoods — can begin applying for their permits on Nov. 3 and Nov. 17, also Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The Times Union is reporting, that the original start date for the Albany Parking Permit program has been pushed back until November December of this year. Originally Albany officials had planned to implement the program in October, but all parties now agree October is an unrealistic launch date.

As I wrote earlier, this parking permit plan will allow residents in Center Square, Washington Park, Park South, Mansion Hill, Hudson Park, and Ten Broeck Triangle to purchase a residential parking permit. The parking permit will be valid for one year, and issued at a cost of $25 per permit. The program will allow multiple permits per dwelling, and also include guest permits for visitors.

City of Albany Pushes Back Albany Parking Permit Start Date

Notably, even once the permit plan launches, it sounds like Center Square residents will be the last to receive their permits. According to the Times Union reporter Jordan Carleo-Evangelist:

Woodard said the city plans Saturday office hours starting around the middle of October to allow residents to apply He also said his office will start by accepting applications from zones B and C — covering the Mansion, South End and Ten Broeck Triangle neighborhoods — which account for only roughly 25 percent of the total 2,750 spaces covered by the law.

Zone A includes Center Square, Washington Park, Hudson Park, and Park South neighborhoods in and around Lark Street. Last I heard the residential parking permits had yet to be finalized, but All Over Albany created unofficial google maps outlining the streets. For more information on the Albany residential parking permit plan, affected streets, and zone maps, check out my previous blog post.