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Albany Condo HOA Fees

Here are the HOA fees per square foot for each Albany condo in Center Square. These are actual numbers that I pulled from the MLS. The price per square foot in each building should not vary from unit to unit within the same building. In other words, regardless of the size of the unit (let’s say in 270 Hudson), the owner will pay the same HOA fee per square foot. The larger the unit, the larger the HOA fee given that the fee is calculated by square foot.

You can see the HOA fee per square foot varies from building to building, but so do the included utilities. If you are looking for parking and central air, these are two amenities not commonly found in the historic Albany Center Square condos. Both 270 Hudson and 409 Madison have parking and central air, however the owner pays the utilities – including central air. The owner is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the central air system. As you can see below both condo buildings have similar HOA fees.

Property Address Sq Ft HOA HOA/Sq Ft Utilities Included
352 State St, 5F 1,200 $522.00 $0.44 Heat, hot water, cooking gas, maintenance, water, sewer, garbage
270 Hudson Ave, 5E 1,533 $285.00 $0.19 Maintenance, water, sewer, garbage, parking
355 State St, 3WR 1,006 $257.00 $0.26 Heat, hot water, maintenance, water, sewer, garbage
399 State St, 304 460 $238.00 $0.52 Heat, hot water, maintenance, water, sewer, garbage
409 Madison Ave, 101 1,010 $222.00 $0.22 Maintenance, water, sewer, garbage, parking