Capital Region Ridesharing

FeaturePics-Sports-Car-Interior-074001-2310821It’s been a long time coming, but at last Albany has joined the ranks of other thriving metropolises with the arrival of Lyft and Uber. Curious about or intimidated by the service? We tried it out for you! Continue reading “Capital Region Ridesharing”

Resolutions for the New Year: Capital District Specific!

FeaturePics-New-Year-054512-4191339Halfway into January, some of our shiny resolutions for the New Year may start to feel lackluster. The lines at the treadmills at the gym are already shorter, and I already forgot I meant to drink half my weight in water this week. Perhaps it’s time to revise your commitments, and make them reflective of your commitment to the Capital Region…and its commitment to a well-balanced, thriving, and energetic community. We have some suggestions for your consideration after the cut! Continue reading “Resolutions for the New Year: Capital District Specific!”

Quick Hit: Happy Holidays!

FeaturePics-Happy-Holidays-151013-3364689It’s been our pleasure to work with you this year, and we wish you a healthy, happy, homeowning holiday season, 2018, and beyond!

Implications of the Tax Reforms for Homeowners

FeaturePics-Preparing-Taxes-151015-1070606As the new tax bill has made its way through the House and Senate, current and potential homeowners have been wondering: how will this law affect me and my family in the immediate future? Read on for some of the basic short-term implications of the changes to the tax code. Continue reading “Implications of the Tax Reforms for Homeowners”