Albany: What’s “The Point”?

Early visions of The Point–the lively area where Madison and Western diverge, notable for it’s funky intersection, greenery, and eateries–as a fashionable neighborhood on the outskirts of Albany didn’t initially come to fruition exactly as planned. It was the location of the last train station on the edge of the city, where commuters could stop before heading downtown for work, and in the late 1800’s was billed as having potential as a fashionable, even edgy suburban neighborhood.  Continue reading “Albany: What’s “The Point”?”

Nourishing Your Albany Roots

So, you’ve moved into your lovely Albany Neighborhood and are feeling settled. The boxes are unpacked, and a few of the walls have even been repainted. You’ve introduced yourself to the neighbors, and everyone seems friendly, but it’s time to grow your roots a little deeper.

Here are a few ideas you might not have considered to connect with people in your new neighborhood:

Get a Library Card

Proof of address hooks you up with a world of not only books, but movies, tech classes, book discussion groups, film and music events, and how-to gatherings. The libraries in each of the Albany Neighborhoods are thriving centers of resources for a wide variety of interests. Did you know you can even sign out a pass with your library card that provides free/reduced cost access to our local museums? Just another way to feel connected to the area, and at no cost.  Continue reading “Nourishing Your Albany Roots”