Fall Outings in The Capital Region

imagesOur region is one of the most beautiful in the country, particularly at this time of year. Ten minutes outside of the city, you can be steeped in vistas of fall foliage, and charmed by near endless local attractions.

If you’re interested in a weekend of adventures in arts and architecture that’s close enough by to allow for you to get home early to the dogs and the sitter, we recommend exploring one or more of the following options—tastes of the world of High Art with no pretense. Continue reading “Fall Outings in The Capital Region”

CDPHP Cycle!

ImageIn case you haven’t spotted the snazzy purple and green transport around town, we’d like to point out that The Capital Region’s Bike Share program is up and running! (Er…rolling?) Continue reading “CDPHP Cycle!”

Fall Cleanup


Perhaps you recently moved into your first house with a lawn of your own to care for, or you’re already experienced with lawn care but let things get away from you this season. If you need help prioritizing, here are a few steps recommended by a variety of lawn care experts: Continue reading “Fall Cleanup”

Apple and Pumpkin Picking!


One lovely way to celebrate this crisp fall weather is to spend some time outdoors at one of these gorgeous local venues, enjoying the crunch of lush greenery fading to brown underfoot, and the scent of freshly picked apple or freshly dunked cider donut. It’s hard to say which of these grounds are “the best” but with the cool fall nights sweetening the produce each day and a spat of cloudless weather ahead, you may have time to check out more than one and decide for yourself. Continue reading “Apple and Pumpkin Picking!”