The condo market in Albany ranges from pre-war buildings in historic Center Square of Albany to new construction in the emerging downtown Albany real estate market. For purposes of the discussion below condominiums in Albany, New York will be abbreviated as condos in Albany NY.

Before buying a condo in Albany NY, check out our buyer’s guide to review the timeline and checklist. After you examine the buying process, you can contact us and begin your search.

Condos in Albany NY

Condos Albany NY, Albany NY Condos, Condos in Albany NYFor less than $100,000 you can find a small one bedroom, 600 square feet, condo in Albany NY. For less than $200,000 you can move into a historic three bedroom, two full bathroom condo, with 1300 square feet. Condos in Albany NY also include expensive luxury condos, newly constructed, with indoor parking, fitness center, and a doorman.

Amenities are an obvious price driver, but you must also consider the location. When looking at condos in Albany NY make sure to walk the neighborhood, both during the day and evening. Consider the neighborhood amenities that are important to you: grocery store, dry cleaner, green space, dog park, fine dining, and others. Condos in Albany NY not only can be an important investment, but it can also turn out to be a great opportunity to turn neighbors into friends.

Condos Albany NY, Albany NY Condos, Condos in Albany NYBuyers sometime forget that condos by nature, are intentional communities with shared space, responsibility, and expenses. Condos in Albany NY are governed by directors, all of whom are condo owners. The directors are charged with managing the building assets, and preserving the quality of life for all residents. Given the size of your investment, it’s always advisable to attend board meetings, review all condo documents, and fully participate in the decision making process. Owning a condo should not be a passive investment, take an active role in your building. By getting involved, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with many of your neighbors in a way not found with individual home ownership. Purchasing a condo in Albany NY can be the best decision you make, as long as you make the purchase with eyes wide open.